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Trail of Painted Ponies War Magic Horse Figurine

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War Magic horse figurine from Trail of Painted Ponies, With a change in color and added spiritual battle decorations, War Pony has been transformed into War Magic. Designed by Rance Hood and Kathleen Moody. Crafted from high quality stone resin and includes a collector card that tells the artists' stories. Makes a great gift for horse lovers and Trail of Painted Ponies collectors.

  • Titled: War Magic
  • Year Introduced: 2018
  • Measures: 7.8 H x 2.5 W x 7.4 D
  • Materials: Stone Resin
The Trail of Painted Ponies celebrates the magic of the horse as an artistic canvas, the rich culture of America, and the unique talents of independent artists. The artists behind this exquisite collection come from all different backgrounds, and the inspirational stories behind each design are as heartfelt as they are beautiful. Artistic collaboration is a hallmark of The Trail of Painted Ponies, and "War Magic" is the first Painted Pony in a new series called the Collaboration Collection. Through color changes and enhancements, and the addition of new religious symbols that add spiritual power to battle decorations, Master Artist Kathleen Moody has transformed "War Pony", a tribute to the legendary fighting spirit of the Comanche Indians and the Trail of Painted Ponies’ all-time bestselling figurine, into a unique and entirely original design..