Peace Of Mind Angel Figurine

Gina Freehill

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Peace Of Mind Angel Figurine from the Peace By Piece collection. This serene angel holds an olive branch lose to her heart to symbolize peace. Her elegant gown is embellished with a leaf pattern, rhinestones and a message that reads, ''Peace of Mind is a tranquil treasure to find. Giving you reassurance, providing stability for yourself and all of those around you.'' Stone resin, comes in beautiful full color gift box, measures 9".

Peace by Piece - is inspired by lifeÂ’s subtle reassurances that extend to you a warm embrace of peacefulness. A peace that transcends the ordinary and echoes in and around the lives of those surrounding us. Peace of mind, a peaceful heart, peace & comfort, peace on earth, everyone in the world needs peace and our lives become connected through it. Each design as a whole is composed of pieces that unite as one, just like pieces of our lives that fit together. Peace by Piece is adorned with various symbols that represent peace, enhanced by beautiful textures and a rich color palette. May this collection inspire a feeling of tranquility and inner peace.